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Top Hybrid Car Products to Use in the Summer

With summer knocking on the door, people need to prepare their hybrid cars for this season. A hybrid car is exposed to different factors during this alternatively hot and rainy period of the year. As a result, you need to be ready with everything you may need to enjoy a smooth summer ride. Here are some of the most frequently required products for the summer:

  • Bike Racks. Well, the summer is a great time to go on vacations. If you are passionate about biking, the best way to take advantage of this great sport is to drive to areas that are perfect for this type of ride. Bike racks that are adjustable and can be easily mounted on bumper or trunk are an optimal solution in this respect.
  • Mud and Splash Guards. Summer is great, but it is not always dry. Sometimes, the weather is not as friendly as you would expect and rain occurs quite often. When you drive a hybrid car to your favorite holiday destination then you should always protect your tires and car body with high quality mud and slash guards.
  • Cooling Seat Cushions. There are a variety of products which respond to the need of cooling your body in the heat of the summer. Instead of using the air conditioning, you can just cool your seat with a cooling seat cushion which may be made from a variety of materials. You can use it on the bottom of your seat or on the entire seat.
  • Rain Wiper Blades. Rain is great. It clears the atmosphere, makes the air richer in oxygen, and so on. But when you are driving, rain is not that great. It impairs your vision and does not allow you to drive safely. However, you can always opt for rain wiper blades, especially created to be efficient in this type of weather.
  • Side Window Deflectors. Many times when it rains you can’t open the window because the rain will get inside the car. With side window deflectors you can enjoy a breath of fresh air even in poor weather. There are many side window deflectors especially produced for hybrid car models.
  • Hybrid Car Covers. The times when painting a car did not cost a fortune are gone. Nowadays, the elements can easily damage the paint on a car especially in the summer. Additionally, in the summer, you may wish to leave your car outside exposed to scratches and other damaging factors. A soft, resistant car cover can save you the trouble of repainting your car too soon.




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Hybrid Car Travel Checklist for Long Road Trips

If you enjoy driving then taking long road trips sounds wonderful. With the improved gas mileage of hybrid cars, you can have the benefit of longer and more diverse trips anywhere you want. But when you are on the road, you are basically living in the car. That means that you need to be prepared for whatever may happen, good or bad. Here is a short checklist for long road trips:

  • All weather floor mats to protect your car from the effects of “heavy traffic.” When you spend so much time in the car, you risk damaging the inside of the car with your feet. If you have kids, then you know how your car looks after a short trip. Imagine the effects of a long trip. All weather floor mats protect the car, not only from people, but also from the water, mud, snow, sand or whatever you may have on your shoes.
  • Bike racks and a receiver hitch are also recommended if you are a biking enthusiast. Most long road trips are taken together with your family and if you need to carry more than just one bike, these accessories can be very efficient.
  • A cargo liner mat is also recommended because you will use the functions of your cargo space to the maximum. You should be able to protect this space from the traffic with luggage and so on. The cargo liner mats that are made particularly for hybrid cars are exceptional products that offer full protection at an affordable price.
  • The outside of the car will also need protection and that is why you should protect the parts of the car body that are more exposed to damage such as the hood, the mirrors, the bumpers, and so on. There are all kinds of hood masks, mirror covers, and other accessories that are designed for most car models including hybrid cars. You can also protect your windshield with a heat shield or your dashboard with a dashboard cover.
  • Seat covers are the best solution to have a clean car inside after a long road trip. Seat covers are easy to remove and can be washed at home. You can choose all kinds of patterns, fabrics, and models to fit perfectly the seats on your hybrid.
  • Spare lights for your car should be a legal obligation considering the risks you become exposed to and you expose others to when you are invisible on the road. That is why it is recommended that you take rear tail lights or full lights kits with you when embarking on a long road trip. You never know when something turns defective.


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Top Hybrid Car Tips

Ten years ago, there were only two models of hybrid cars available, nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of hybrids from various car manufacturers. Given this diversity, more and more people have bought and continue to buy hybrid cars for their economical side and also for being eco-friendly. However, here is a set of tips related to hybrid cars that you should know.

  • A hybrid car needs as much care as a conventional car. But because it is more expensive when you buy, you should protect it more. That is the reason why you should use car covers, hood masks, rear bumper protectors, mirror covers, heat shields and more to make sure that the body of your car is exposed as little as possible to damaging factors.
  • A hybrid car is mostly appreciated for improved gas mileage. This happens because a hybrid employs two types of engines: a conventional and an electric motor. But driving style will affect your gas mileage. If you to accelerate more, do not expect the same gas mileage as when you are driving at an average speed. High speeds increase aerodynamic drag exponentially. Aerodynamic drag increases fuel consumption in its turn.
  • Always check the air filters of your hybrid when recommended by the car seller. Still, you should know that the places you drive to can reduce the lifetime of air filters. That is why a good tip for hybrid cars is to check the filters depending on the driving conditions. If you live in the countryside, your filters may need to be changed after 15,000 miles while in city conditions you can change them in 30,000 miles.
  • Hybrid cars depend on their batteries. The way you drive can help you preserve your battery or shorten its lifetime. Therefore, avoid using the breaks too early and coast to a stop. As a rule, most hybrid cars use this coasting time to recharge batteries.
  • If you own a hybrid remember to fuel it. It may sound unusual, but the truth is that hybrid cars should not be allowed to run out of gas. Some will probably continue driving using the electric engine, but that can destroy your battery. Remember that hybrids depend on both engines, not just one. If the car required only an electric motor, then they would not be called hybrid.
  • In case you experience some troubles with the electric motor on the hybrid car, you can always use exclusively the gas engine. This will not affect the way your car drives but will increase gas mileage.

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How to Take Care of Hybrid Car Body


Hybrid cars are more expensive than traditional cars. When you buy a hybrid, you are convinced of the benefits it comes with. Most people are in love with their hybrids and would like to know how they can protect their asset, especially the hybrid car body. The car body is exposed to the most damaging factors by simply driving the car. The weather affects the car body, road conditions, the people and their actions do the same. What can you do to protect your hybrid car body?

Wash Your Car Regularly, and Correctly

No matter how well you may think you can wash your car, no one can do it better than the professionals. First of all, the paint on the car is very sensitive to mechanical action. It is important that the car is washed with the right equipment. Whatever debris or dust remains on the paint too long becomes difficult or harder to remove. In such cases, the washing needs to be harsher and it can potentially damage your paint.

Protect Your Car from the Heat

Whenever you have the chance, keep your car in a cool place during the summers. If you can’t do that, you can at least protect your dashboard with a heat shield custom sun visor. In fact you can protect all the windows of the car with heat shields especially designed for hybrid car models.

Protect Your Car from Stones

Your car body is exposed to everything that is on the road. Debris that is taken on the tires of other cars is thrown on yours. Also, as you “cut” the air, everything that is in the air gets on your car body. Hood protectors such as hood masks can help you maintain the condition of the paint on your hood. The hood paint is the first to show signs of damage because of the stones and bugs hitting it. Also, you can choose to protect your mirrors with mirror covers.

Protect Your Hybrid Car Body from Scratches

As much as you would want to, it is impossible to protect your car body from all scratches. The simple fact that you open the trunk regularly, allows the paint on the rear bumper to scratch. You can use a rear bumper protector to avoid that. Moreover, you can protect your entire car body with a car cover. The body of the car is mostly scratched when the car is not in motion and that is why car covers are great solutions.



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The Products You Need To Check Tires Regularly

Tires are one of the essential components of a hybrid or conventional car. Tire performance and life span is affected by a number of factors such as the weight bearing on the car, travelling long distances, changing climate and driving conditions, and wheel balancing. Many times, tires are overused and need to be changed due to improper service. People forget that tires need to be properly checked regularly in order to increase car performance and fuel efficiency. And for that you need products to help you check the tires.

1. Small Digital Tire Gauge From Professional Products
This is a universal tire gauge that is compatible with most car models, including hybrids. The display is large enough for the data to be read easily, without any effort. Additionally, it can read parameters between 0 and 150 psi with less than 1% tolerance. It is small enough to be kept in the car, at hand, in the glove compartment. It works on batteries and it shuts off automatically. You can use this digital gauge to keep your tires inflated for improved gas mileage and also, safer driving.
2. Air Pressure Gauge By Professional Products
Professional Products offer two types of tools to measure air pressure. There are two models dedicated for the use on racing tires and another two models to be used on street tires. The racing tire air gauges are easy to use and come with a 13 mm hose for heavy duty use. The data can be displayed and read even in poor light conditions. Both types of gauges are built out of chrome plated steel and the hoses are made of high grade neoprene. They both come in a plastic case with a rubber protector and can be easily stored in the trunk of the car or in the glove box.
3. Tire Gauge from Professional Products
Professional Products comes also with a tire gauge that can measure from 0 to 60 psi tire gauge and is endowed with a HD 13 mm hose. It is a rather smaller air pressure gauge that comes protected by a plastic case and can be kept anywhere in the car you find it appropriate. The 13 mm hose is made of high grade neoprene. The display shows large numbers for easy reading and you can also use the needle provided for reading in low light conditions. This is an appreciated product that you can easily use to check your tires regularly.

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Top Maintenance Products You Should Check Every 6 Months on Your Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars just like all cars require maintenance. Due to the hybrid cars being more expensive than conventional cars, people tend to believe that maintenance is also more expensive. In fact, hybrid cars need almost the same care and attendance as traditional cars. However, there are certain maintenance products that you should check at least two times a year.

Performance Air Filters

Air filters increase air flow and generates better fuel economy as well as performance. The life of your engine is directly related to filtration levels. Air filters play a significant role in this direction maintaining filtration within the best parameters. The next question is when the right time is to change air filters. As a rule, air filters need to be changed depending on two factors: your driving style and where you are driving. In most cases, air filters are replaced every 15,000 miles given that you are driving in the city or on highways. But, in case you are mostly driving in the country side, you may need to replace your air filters earlier than that. There are also high quality performance filters that can last up to 30-50,000 miles and can increases acceleration and horse power.

Windshield Blades

Wipers are some of the most used car items. Whether it is raining or snowing or you simply need to clean your windshield, you have to engage wipers. Wipers are in fact working through wiper blades. They are the consumables as far as wipers go. Wiper blades should be mounted on both standard and curved wipers. The design of the wiper blades is very important when it comes to the efficiency of the wipers in cleaning and clearing the windshield. They need to be made of high quality rubber, resistant to frequent use and temperature changes. You have to check your blades at least once a year since they are subject to the fury of the elements and, just like any other rubber item, they get old and crack. Graphite blended blades ensure not only the best adherence but also delivers a clan, noiseless and uniform wipe.

Eco-friendly Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential for cars in general. Spark plugs need to be properly checked, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. For hybrids, eco-friendly spark plugs must be treated with the same attention. In fact, spark plugs improve the fuel efficiency and the performance of your hybrid. In this respect pulse spark plugs are the most appreciated in the market as far as hybrid cars are concerned for the way they work and also for the way they impact of MPG and overall car performance.






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Top 5 Hybrid Car Accessories

The Toyota Prius is probably the most popular of the hybrid cars on the road today. They are cute, sleek, and eco-friendly. They also happen to get great gas mileage, making them even more popular as gas prices get higher.

No matter what kind of car it is, most people want to add a little something to their car to personalize it. When it comes to the Prius, there are plenty of accessories available to customize your Prius. Here are five of the most popular.

1. The Sun Visor: This fits above the navigation panel and acts as a visor to protect the panel from glare, so you can see where you are and where you are going.

2. The iPod Integration Kit and iPod adapter: This very popular accessory provides the hardware so you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iTouch directly to the factory installed speaker system. You can listen to your iPod through the car’s speakers while driving. You can manage your play list through the navigation console or the regular radio controls.

3. The custom-fit Heat Shield: Heat Shield keeps the interior of the Prius cooler in hot weather and protects the dashboard. There is no need to worry about burning your hands on a hot steering wheel when you have one of these protecting the dash. The Heat Shield is made to Prius specifications for a perfect fit.

4. Steering wheel covers: These steering wheel covers are made of genuine leather and are available in many colors for matching your Prius’ interior or express yourself with something more bold.

5. Floor mats are a good investment for any car. They help to keep the floor of your Prius clean. All that is necessary is to vacuum them and take them out periodically to wash them. Prius all weather mats are specially made for a perfect fit in each of the Prius models.

There are a lot of accessories out there for the Prius. In addition to those mentioned there are seat extensions that you can install to get an additional 4 inches of legroom for the driver and passenger. There are also center console covers to keep the console clean and looking like new. There are also covers for the armrests on the door. There are also numerous different types of seat covers to protect your Prius seats. Seat covers are custom made to fit different model years. They are available in mesh, leatherette, or Neoprene.


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The Top 5 Exterior Products to Protect Your Hybrid Car

When you buy a new car, you want to do everything you can to keep it looking new. There are many products on the market especially made for hybrids. The market for hybrid accessories has increased along with the popularity of the hybrid car. We have put together a short list of some of the most popular accessories for the Prius that are made for protecting the outside of your new car.

One of the best things you can do to protect the outside of your car is to keep it clean. Washing your car with mild soap and water will do the trick. Taking your car to the car wash is also an alternative because it actually saves water. Keeping your car clean removes more than just dirt. There are all types of things on the road that aren’t good for the finish of your car.

1. Bike racks: Bike racks for the Prius are very popular. There are racks for two and three bicycles. The unit is mounted on a receiver hitch and there are also trunk mounted bike racks. Moving around on your bike is another way to save fuel and be eco-friendly.

2. Rear bumper protector: A rear bumper protector is going to protect the finish of bumper from things being pulled in and out of the cargo area. This way the bumper itself won’t take the abuse and end up being scratched.

3. Body side moldings: Side moldings are easy to install and can protect your new car from door dings – those nasty little things that we seem to always get while grocery shopping. They are available in rubber or chrome side moldings and do a good job of safeguarding your car doors from being beaten up by other car doors.

4. Mud flaps/splash guards: These will shield your car from all things nasty that can splash up and get stuck on your car. Mud, road salt, tar and asphalt are just some of the things that will try to adhere itself to your car. A pair of splash guards will help keep your car clean.

5. Side window deflectors: These are great for those who love having their car windows open, but don’t like the wind in their hair. Side window reflectors move the air away from the window, so you can get the fresh air, but it won’t be quite in your face.

In addition to these accessories, there are many others for your car. You can also find shark fin antenna, hood protectors, and much more.



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