How Are Hybrid Cars Efficient?

March 15, 2012

Hybrid cars are especially known for fuel efficiency and low emissions. These are two aspects that people associate hybrid vehicles with; and they are correct. However, very few actually know the mechanisms that trigger the efficiency behind hybrid cars. Here is some important information on hybrid cars, their benefits, and how they do it.

  • Hybrid vehicles are the perfect combination of a smaller size conventional engine and an electrical motor. What makes the hybrid an incredible achievement is the fact that it can use both engines to accomplish the most power when needed. It basically generates power by choosing between the most appropriate solutions given the driving circumstances.
  • The battery is essential for the hybrid car. The electric battery not only stores, but it absorbs energy that it reuses when called for. Energy is additionally generated from braking and it is stored in the battery for future use. The battery becomes the perfect tool to generate electricity when needed.
  • Most hybrid vehicles shut down the engine in traffic stops. In addition, they do the same in any other idle periods such as coasting. Thus, electricity use is maximized and fuel efficiency as well.
  • As you probably noticed, hybrid cars have a special design. Aerodynamics or the shape of a car, makes it go slower or faster through the air and thus consuming more, or less energy. Adequate aerodynamics can maximize fuel efficiency and optimize car performance.
  • Tires play a great role in hybrid cars. They are carefully chosen to provide low rolling resistance. Just like aerodynamics, tires can slow down a car. If a car slows down, you need more energy to propel it. More energy is fuel, no matter what the power source. Therefore, hybrid car manufacturers are choosing low rolling resistance tires that allow the car to drive smoothly on the road using the least amount of fuel.
  • Reducing mechanical losses by adopting a smaller engine. That is a first and most important issue. The same mechanical losses are reduced by using various auxiliaries as needed and when needed. Therefore, air conditioning system, power steering, and others are used when necessary and at the optimum level required by the existing circumstances.

These are the features that contribute to the efficiency of hybrid cars. It is obvious that particular models have specific techniques to become efficient. Still, most hybrid cars work in a similar fashion and employ the same means to be efficient. How efficient they are is what eventually differentiates them.


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