Top Ten Green Cars Coming in 2012

February 29, 2012

For those who are looking for an eco-friendly vehicle this year, there are some great cars on the market. The benefits of these cars are astounding, and you’ll feel better for being one of the people responsible for changing the way the world works today. Read the following information to find the right eco-friendly ride for you.

Honda Civic Natural Gas: This is named the 2012 Green Car of the Year by the Green Car Journal of 2012. It has a short wheelbase, which leads to increased low-end torque so it is very fun to drive. It remains smooth at highway speeds, and with this car, you are eligible for using it in the HOV lane in may states. Also, it is a very low-cost vehicle as you only have to buy natural gas for it.

Nissan Leaf: According to, this car has a top speed of 90 mph and a good amount of torque. It is said to have solid braking. This makes it a good choice for metro-bound consumers, as well as eco-friendly drivers.

Ford Focus Electric: This is Ford’s first all-electric passenger car. It has a top speed of 84 mph, but has limited range. To combat this, you can get a MyFord Mobile navigation app that allows the owner to remotely locate charging stations, preheat or cool the car, and start and stop the car.

VW Passat TDI: This is a clean diesel-powered vehicle. It is great for the highway driver because it handles road irregularities well and is very smooth and quiet. It doesn’t drive as well in the city because it doesn’t handle as well as other cars, but the brake system is very responsive. It has great fuel economy and only an 18.5 gallon tank.

Mitsubishi i: This car feels more stable than most small cars when cornering. The car tops out at 81 mph and has a range of 75 miles on a full charge. This car is said to be a very in-town efficient vehicle, and it has a very distinctive style.

Toyota Prius V: This car feels very safe and handles well. It has three distinct driving modes, or power modes, for regular driving, passing situations, and hill climbing. It is also much roomier than past models.

Lexus CT 200h: The Lexus CT is has a design similar to the Prius. However, its key feature is its Sports mode, which allows you to drive at good speeds, and adds sharpened steering and full throttle to your ride. Driving it in sport mode cuts down on its fuel efficiency, however.

Chevrolet Volt: When driving this car in all-electric mode, the ride is quiet and smooth. It is stable, solid, and has a five-star safety rating. The car has a 300-mile long range, but of course this means it costs more too.

Honda Insight EX with Navigation: Hondas have had a good overhaul this year, which makes it a good time to buy. This model is getting a lot of attention for its improved navigation system. It is also quiet in spite of having a 98-horespower engine.

Ford Fusion Hybrid: This car easily transitions between gas and electric power. If you keep the car on electric mode, you can go 47 mpg. It has also has 700-mile range. It has also been reviewed as being incredibly smooth.


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