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Your New Years Resolution: Regular Maintenance For Your Hybrid

Whether it is a Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry, or Honda Civic, your hybrid needs regular maintenance to perform as expected and last throughout the life of your loan. There are several items that you can take care of yourself and avoid a cumbersome repair bill.

The first place to start is to know what needs regular maintenance. Try looking at a repair and maintenance manual from Bentley Publishers. These manuals include step-by-step directions, real-world practical repair and maintenance procedures, along with full color technical training. Why not take the mystery out of maintenance?

One oft overlooked part is the air filter. Nothing robs fuel efficiency like a dirty air filter. K & N filters offer racing quality equipment for improved air flow. The higher airflow rate can actually boost fuel efficiency by a small percentage. These filters are also reusable. Less waste and high quality in one product.

That takes us to the spark plugs. Pulse spark plugs have been road and lab tested to demonstrate their ability to improve fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide output by a quarter ton per year. Enough said.

With regular maintenance, it is not unreasonable to expect your hybrid to last for at least 200,000 miles. The last place you can afford to save money is in your car’s maintenance.

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Boosting The Ride And Performance Of Your 2012 Toyota Prius V

2012 Toyota Prius V

Toyota listened to customer feedback and built a larger Prius. The 2012 Toyota Prius V adds room in the passenger cabin as well as the cargo area, while offering the same performance as the hybrid that you have all come to love. Just like the previous incarnations of the Toyota Prius, the ride, handling, and fuel efficiency of your Prius V can be improved with a few after market modifications.
All three: ride, handling, and fuel efficiency; can be addressed by adding sway bars to your 2012 Toyota Prius V. Front and rear sway bars are made of high carbon content steel for rigidity and longevity, then powder coated for additional weatherization. These bars add rigidity to the chassis, which reduces chassis flex and reduces body lean during turns and lane changes. The reductions in sway and chassis flex allow you to have better steering wheel response and traction. When the car is able to hold the road more easily, the engine does not work as hard, thus saving fuel.

Adding a set of front and rear sway bars to your 2012 Toyota Prius V will not boost fuel efficiency over 60 mpg or make your car handle like a Ferrari, but will give you a crisper response and could realistically add 1-2 mpg.

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Toyota To Hit The SuperGT Series With 300 HP Prius

Concept of 300 hp Toyota Prius

When was the last time anyone promoted the Toyota Prius as anything other than an Earth friendly gas miser? Can’t remember? That’s because it has never happened before. The whole world is abuzz with the news that Toyota will be entering the SuperGT GT300 series with a Prius based race car instead of using the more logical GT 86 platform.

The planned 300 horsepower Prius will replace the current Toyota Corolla Axio that is running in the GT300 series. Toyota is expected to make its formal announcement in January of 2012. As of now, there have been no details released about the powerplant and drivetrain. Given that the stock Prius is known for its less than blazing 98 horsepower engine, it is easy to understand how extensive the makeover is going to have to be.

The Toyota Prius will not be the only hybrid vehicle running in the GT300 class. Honda announced its intention to field a CR-Z Sports Hybrid. 2012 maybe the year that hybrid vehicles stop having a negative connotation when performance junkies talk and race fans begin to show some due respect.

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