Prius V Accessories You Must Have For Christmas

November 24, 2011

Yeah, it’s just Thanksgiving, but Black Friday is tomorrow and Cyber Monday is around the corner. Both are big shopping days across North America and offer plenty of opportunities for you to control what presents you get for Christmas. A few well placed suggestions and you might get the Prius V accessories you have been wanting without having to spend a dime of your own cash. Here are a few Prius accessories that you can name drop to your relatives.

Let’s start with something simple. Everyone has been annoyed by a glare from the sun on their navigation system. The simplest, and maybe the cheapest, way to eliminate that is to add a NavCap. This is a sun visor for your navigation system. Just clip it on and no more glare.

Are you a smoker that drives a Prius V that does not have an ashtray? It gets a little annoying having to drive around with the window down just to get rid of ashes. Why not hint to a family member that you would really like to have a Prius V ashtray cup? It is exactly what it sounds like. It fits into your cup holder and features a hinged lid to cut down on odor and free flying ash.

Alright, neither of these Prius V accessories is essential to the function of your car, but they are inexpensive gift ideas that make sense to most people. Who doesn’t sympathize with you about the annoying glare on their nav screen and any smoker will understand the need for an ashtray.

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