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Honda Civic Parts For Christmas

2012 Honda Civic

All some people may want for Christmas is their two front teeth, but for Civic enthusiasts nothing less than Honda Civic parts will do. You have to realize that your family may know you are into your car, but that does not mean that they know what parts to buy you. Why not make a list of the Honda Civic parts that you are most interested in.

You may have to be subtle when you are dropping hints. Leave a catalog of Honda Civic parts open to something like a headlight assembly from Anzo. Don’t feel sheepish about circling it in red ink so whoever looks at gets the idea.

Another clear, but not so subtle, way to get the Honda Civic parts you want is to clearly and concisely mention them while your relatives are in the car with you. Say something like, ”Man, I wish I had those all-weather floor mats to keep the mud and water off my carpets.”

Then there is the hit ’em over the head approach to getting the Honda Civic parts that you want. Walk up to them, hand them a catalog and say ”I want a hood protector for Christmas.”

You can chuckle as you read this if you want and maybe it sounds a little bit materialistic, but do you want another tie, some aftershave, or, even better, a new sweater?

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Prius V Accessories You Must Have For Christmas

Yeah, it’s just Thanksgiving, but Black Friday is tomorrow and Cyber Monday is around the corner. Both are big shopping days across North America and offer plenty of opportunities for you to control what presents you get for Christmas. A few well placed suggestions and you might get the Prius V accessories you have been wanting without having to spend a dime of your own cash. Here are a few Prius accessories that you can name drop to your relatives.

Let’s start with something simple. Everyone has been annoyed by a glare from the sun on their navigation system. The simplest, and maybe the cheapest, way to eliminate that is to add a NavCap. This is a sun visor for your navigation system. Just clip it on and no more glare.

Are you a smoker that drives a Prius V that does not have an ashtray? It gets a little annoying having to drive around with the window down just to get rid of ashes. Why not hint to a family member that you would really like to have a Prius V ashtray cup? It is exactly what it sounds like. It fits into your cup holder and features a hinged lid to cut down on odor and free flying ash.

Alright, neither of these Prius V accessories is essential to the function of your car, but they are inexpensive gift ideas that make sense to most people. Who doesn’t sympathize with you about the annoying glare on their nav screen and any smoker will understand the need for an ashtray.

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Taking A Peek At The Honda Civic Hybrid And A Plugin Hybrid Concept

2012 Honda Civic

In mid-2011 Honda CEO Takanobu Ito hinted that an all new Honda Civic hybrid and a plug-in hybrid concept would hopefully make it into production for the 2012 model year. Here is a quick glance at the most recent information about both.

The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid offers a 1.5L four cylinder hybrid engine that delivers 44 mpg in the city or on the highway thanks to the continuously variable transmission. It also features standard stability control, traction control, and side/curtain airbags. The base model has a decent amount of options. The base trim features 15-inch alloy wheels sitting on low rolling-resistance tires, outside mirrors with built-in turn signals, LED taillights, a rear spoiler and a 160-watt, six-speaker stereo. If you move up to the ”Leather” trim level, you get heated mirrors, leather upholstery, and heated front seats.

The plug-in hybrid concept is still a work in progress. Honda’s official site for the vehicle lists several aspects of the vehicle, but not an official announcement of whether it will be a CR-Z or Civic platform based vehicle. Whatever platform is chosen, the plug-in hybrid will allow for short, frequent trips in all-electric mode. Long distance trips will be powered by Honda’s 2.0-liter, i-VTEC inline 4 cylinder powerplant. The vehicle will continuously move through three modes for maximum driving efficiency: all-electric, gasoline-electric and an engine direct-drive mode. When in direct-drive, the engine will power the front wheels directly for better fuel efficiency at cruising speeds in excess of 62 mph. The effective all electric range will be 15 miles at 62 mph or less. Recharge time is going to be in the 2 hour neighborhood with a household 120V outlet or 1 hour with a a 240V plug. Commercial recharging stations can cut that time down to 15 minutes.

The Honda Civic hybrid offers a great fuel efficient alternative to the Toyota Prius and is a little more roomy. Hopefully, Honda will introduce its plug-in hybrid soon.

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Yes, You Can Improve Your Toyota Prius V’s MPG

Given that your Toyota Prius V’s mpg is rated at 42 combined, it is hard to imagine that you can improve your car’s fuel performance by much, but it is possible. Here are a few aftermarket parts that can help you do just that.

One easy part to install is a performance air filter from K&N. The air filters allow a more direct airflow. This increases the amount of oxygen and decreases the amount of fuel fired by each piston during combustion. That translates into a cleaner, more forceful burn that requires less gasoline; therefore, improving your Toyota Prius V mpg.

The next part should be added by someone with experience repairing cars. This is an eco-tuner or throttle controller, whichever you choose to call it. This product is a replacement for the throttle chip in you car. Blitz offers a product that features four settings based on your needs. The fuel economy setting will add to you Toyota Prius V mpg, but lowers acceleration. There are other settings that will add accelerator response, but do not offer the fuel economy.

If you install both of these parts in your car, you can improve your Toyota Prius V’s mpg by as much as 10%. While an additional 4-5 mpg does not sound overwhelming, do a little math and you will see that you can save a tank of gas per month depending on the length of your commute.

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