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Three Toyota Prius Accessories That You Need For Winter

2010 Toyota Prius Floor Mat

Toyota Prius all weather floor mat

The inexorable march of the seasons is forcing itself upon us. Winter is breathing down the necks of people everywhere. That means white powder is on the horizon. It also means slush, road salt, and general wet nastiness. All of which can destroy your car over time unless you add a few practical Toyota Prius accessories to your ride.

The first Toyota Prius accessory to consider is a set of all weather floor mats. These mats are designed from durable plastic with channels so that water and slush are pooled in a drainage area. The mat can then be lifted out of your foot box area and drained without your carpet getting wet. Along the same line is a cargo liner for your trunk area. A poorly maintained interior can lower your car’s resale value by several hundred if not a couple of thousand dollars. Companies like WeatherTech and Husky offer all weather products that are specifically designed for the Toyota Prius, insuring a proper fit that does not interfere with pedal use.

The last Toyota Prius accessory to consider adding is a set of mud guards, mud flaps, splash guards, or whatever you want to call them. Road salt and slush are not going to do any favors to the body corners of your car. They are simple to install and go a long way towards preventing rust.

Toyota Prius accessories run the gambit and practical ones like those mentioned here are often overlooked. You have way too much cash invested in your ride to not protect its potential resale value.

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3 Must Have Toyota Camry Accessories

2012 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is an iconic car in its own right. Well known and easily recognizable as it sits among other models. Still, many owners want to personalize their Camry. Here are three must have Toyota Camry accessories that will help you do just that.

Start with the wheels. A nice 16 inch alloy wheel can give your car a more aggressive stance while offering an improved ride. Be sure to buy a wheel that has Toyota’s stamp of approval and is marked as Toyota USA OEM.

Maybe you are not happy with the interior color of your Camry. Only one Toyota Camry accessory will do. The Toyota Camry dash kit will replace every possible aspect of your interior trim with a new color, or switch it to a carbon fiber or metallic trim instead. The carbon fiber and metal trims can be used on the exterior as well.

With snow and frigid temperatures on the horizon, this next Toyota Cary accessory makes a lot of sense. Installing a remote engine start is the only way to remain comfortable as much as possible. Remember to leave the heat on and you will not have to worry about cold seats and freezing until the heater catches up.

There are dozens of other Toyota Camry accessories that you can choose from if these do not meet your needs. Just be sure to buy OEM equipment when possible.

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2012 Chevy Volt: A Glimpse Of A Greener Future

2012 Chevy Volt

The Chevrolet Volt debuted last year amongst a great deal of fanfare. Some of the advertising around the car was intentionally vague, leading some consumers to believe it was a pure electric car. Not so. The Volt is a plug-in hybrid which allows it to have a greater all electric range and higher speeds with the gasoline engine engaged.

The 2012 Chevrolet Volt is capable of 25-50 miles on pure battery power before the inline 4 gasoline engine takes over. When that happens, it is able to reach speeds in the 100 mph range. The car has an effective range of 300 miles between a full tank of gas and the battery power. The gasoline engine powers the car’s generator for the most part, but, under extreme needs, will directly power the wheels.

The 2012 Chevrolet Volt features a lower MSRP, an updated keyless ignition/entry, and the MyLink system, which provides Bluetooth streaming audio and voice control over the audio system and your cell phone. Again this year, the Volt does not have standard side body moldings. That leaves your $32,000 car an easy victim to dents and dings everywhere you go. The right Chevy Volt body side moldings could protect your resale value.

The major knock against the 2012 Chevrolet Volt is the price tag. At $32,500 for the base model, and realizing that a home charger is a necessity, the new Toyota Prius PHV may be a better economic decision.

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Fisker Karma: A Lean, Mean, Green Machine

Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma is built around the notion that a car could be produced with sustainable products, achieve high fuel efficiency, and still deliver power and style. Three years after its concept debut, the Karma is on the verge of delivering on every front.

Building with as many sustainable components as possible is a main goal of Fisker. To achieve that goal the Karma uses zero fuel for the first 50 miles of every trip and all of the interior trim is made of sustainable materials and eco-friendly composites. The roof is a series of solar cells, the body is aluminum, and the bumpers are plastic. All recyclable materials.

Enough about the sustainability of the Fisker Karma. How does it perform? It is powered by a 260-hp GM four popper that powers the generator. Like a Nissan Leaf, the Karma only uses electric power all the time. The gasoline engine only serves to power the generator. The generator in turn supplies power to twin AC motors that saddle the rear axle, delivering 402 horsepower to the differential. If you turn on the ”sport” mode, the gasoline engine engages along with the battery power and you can run a smooth 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. Unfortunately, the Karma is build for fuel efficiency over top speed, so the initial burst is not sustained.

The Fisker Karma is designed to obtain in the 90+ mpg area in full electric mode and 38 average mpg with the gasoline engine running. No definite numbers have been released by the EPA yet. The initial run of the Karma will be limited and each car will cost $100,000. There are already 3,000 pre-orders for the Karma. Fisker is planning a second model, the Nina, which will be more affordable and designed to reach a wider buying market. Still, the Fisker Karma stands as an important milestone in the green car industry.

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