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Lexus RX450h Hybrid Accessories: More Than Mudflaps

Lexus RX450h

The Lexus RX450h hybrid is a comfortably appointed vehicle. It is hard to imagine that you can improve on your car, but it can be done both quickly and inexpensively. There are a wide variety of Lexus RX450h hybrid accessories on the market, but these three will add style, while improving the value or performance of your car.

Topping the list of must have Lexus RX450h hybrid accessories are body side moldings. Whether you prefer the painted moldings or the chrome insert variety, they will protect your hybrid from many of those incidental dings that can make your car look like a heap.

Still concentrating on the exterior condition of your car, next on the list of Lexus RX450h hybrid accessories is a custom fit car cover. Just because you do not have a garage does not mean that you can not protect your paint job and keep your windshield free from dirt, mud, or snow.

Your 450h hybrid is already getting above average gas mileage. Why not boost that from above average to great. A K&N Performance air filter offers superior filtration and airflow. These filters can add 4 ponies to your performance while offering an additional 2-3 mpg. The boys driving Indy cars use them, why wouldn’t you?

These three Lexus 450h hybrid accessories will add style, value and performance to your car. Adding all three will cost you less than $550 total and they will pay for themselves in retained value.

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Get A Sleeker Appearance With A Shark Fin Antenna

Shark fin antenna

On a lot of the newer Japanese models, especially hybrids like the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, one of the first things that catches your eye is the outlandishly long antenna. It is intended to give a more European look to the cars, but fails to interest most American buyers. The best way to fix the antenna debacle is to install a shark fin antenna.


You do not need mechanical aptitude or a large assortment of tools to install a shark fin antenna. Your old antenna should screw right off as one piece. The most important thing to remember is to use 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner/3M Prep Solvent 70 or Dawn liquid dish soap to remove all of the wax from the area where you are going to install the shark fin. If you leave wax, the antenna will come loose in a matter of days. Once the area is clean, all you have to do is align your new fin correctly and stick it to your car with the adhesive gasket provided.

People think of modifying their cars all the time. Replacing the horse whip antenna with a shark fin antenna should be part of any modification process to complete the new, sleeker stance of your car.

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Install A Toyota Remote Engine Start Before It Gets Cold

No one wants to think about the coming snow and wintery weather. Despite your hesitation to think of the chilly weather, now is the best time to install a Toyota remote engine start.

The logic behind installing now is simple, it’s warm out. Really, who wants to install a new accessory or do repairs in the cold? It is not even particularly fun in a heated garage. A Toyota remote engine start makes sense for summer use if you leave your air conditioner running. Imagine getting into a comfortable car year round.

Installing a Toyota remote engine start during the warm weather is purely a comfort measure. Sure, you can put one in anytime and it only takes a matter of minutes, but why not do it when you can be the most comfortable?

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How To Add A Little Juice To Your Honda CR-Z Hybrid

A nicely lowered CR-Z hybrid

A nicely lowered CR-Z hybrid

Improving the performance of a Honda CR-Z hybrid can mean different things to different people. Some want better gas mileage through engine upgrades and handling, while others want to improve cornering and their speed in the slalom and short track. Here are ways to do both.

Let’s start with improving the handling of a CR-Z hybrid. It is mostly about chassis bracing to give your car a more controlled sway during turns and lane changes. You can add strut tower braces in the front and rear of your car. These connect, well, to the struts. An additional upgrade can be a lower arm brace. Both prevent chassis flexing and force sway action into the springs and struts to be effectively dealt with.

Fuel efficiency, handling, and speed can all be upgraded with a few other CR-Z hybrid body modifications. How about coil overs or lowering springs to start. Both offer a shorter stroke and effective lowering, which improve aerodynamic drag. Next, you could look at front and rear spoilers for additional wind diversion. Oh, yeah, when your going faster and cornering harder, you will need upgraded brakes.

Juicing your Honda CR-Z hybrid does not have to cost thousands of dollars. You can start with small, inexpensive upgrades before moving into the engine and weight reduction aspects.

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