Three Things A Wind Deflector Can Do For Your Car

July 13, 2011

Adding a wind deflector has several benefits for any kind of car. Some will be immediate and others will take time to be evident. Here are three benefits to adding a wind deflector to your car.

  • Improved gas mileage. At nearly $4 a gallon any additional miles per gallon are a bonus. An open window adds aerodynamic drag, which lowers fuel efficiency. A wind deflector keeps the air moving over an open window or sun roof to prevent that loss of gas mileage.
  • Less dust and noise. One of the chief complaints about having a car window open is the noise. Another is the dirt flying in. Window deflectors prevent both by allowing the air to flow over the opening.
  • Reduces sun damage to interiors. This is not a commonly thought of benefit from a wind deflector. Most deflectors are a smoky colored polycarbonate and eliminate some of the UV rays, thus helping to protect a car’s interior.
  • A simple wind deflector can do all of that for your car. Almost makes you rethink life, doesn’t it?

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