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How To Save On Gas And Improve Prius Performance

Sounds like a riddle doesn’t it? Better gas mileage and improved performance from your Toyota Prius. Both can be had by adding the same parts to your car.

Air filters are one of the cheapest parts on a car and often the most neglected. A dirty air filter can rob up to 20% of a car’s fuel efficiency and an additional 15% of its horsepower. Just like a person, a car can not run well if it can not breathe well.

Lowering springs and chassis stiffeners are two parts that might not click in your mind for better mpg. They offer fuel savings through better handling performance and less aerodynamic drag.

There are at least a dozen other eco tune performance parts to consider. Adding fuel efficiency to your Toyota Prius does not have to mean sluggish acceleration if you use the right parts.

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How To Increase The MPG Of Your Prius

It is hard to imagine that you can improve the mpg from your Toyota Prius, but it can be done by installing eco tune performance parts. Performance parts and improving fuel efficiency do not always come to mind at the same time, but here are several parts that can do both.

Suspension parts can lower the stance of your car and improve its aerodynamic drag coefficient. Nice way to say that it will slice through the air with less resistance allowing you to use less fuel. The same parts will allow your car to handle better, with less sway, for better performance in turns. Other parts include a new air filter and throttle control assembly. Both allow for a fuel mixture that will additional fuel savings.

Adding eco tune performance parts to your Toyota Prius or any other hybrid vehicle will leave a few more dollars in your wallet at the pump. It’s your money, why not keep it?.

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Sharpen Your Image With A Body Kit

You have seen them zipping around the neighborhood or ripping up the road. They are cars that look oddly familiar, but somehow not quite recognizable. What they are is a Toyota Prius with a body kit.

A body kit adds a front spoiler, side skirts, and a rear half spoiler to your Toyota Prius. The spoilers are bumper attachments that change the look of your Prius while improving aerodynamic effects. The change in aerodynamics can help improve handling and fuel economy.

A Prius body kit will make your car a head turner and give it a look of performance capability. The added benefit of improved aerodynamics will be a happy surprise at the gas pump. Combine the body kit with other performance parts and you will surprise plenty of people on the road, as well.

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Stretch Your Gas Dollar With Eco Tune Performance Parts For Your Hybrid

Your hybrid is already delivering great gas mileage, but it can be improved with eco tune performance parts. Luckily, you can add fuel efficiency without losing acceleration or top end performance.

Eco tune performance parts include throttle controllers, air filters, and exhaust systems. Adding the right parts can improve horsepower, torque, mpg, and acceleration response, while lowering emissions.

Combine the engine parts with lowering springs and a carbon fiber hood and you will see additional fuel savings and improved performance.

As gas continues to sit close to $4 a gallon many people are looking for ways to stretch their fuel dollar. Eco tune performance parts are a natural way to do that without sacrificing performance.

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A Little Effort Can Go a Long Way – Checking Your Tire Pressure

In terms of safety, fuel economy, and being environmentally conscious, checking your tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge is probably one of the smallest and easiest things you can do that can make a lasting impact on yourself and others. Keeping the proper tire pressure that your manufacturer suggests will keep your Hybrid top notched.

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Can it really effect you that much? Well, there are a bunch of scenarios that can occur under every situation, but to keep it simple, lets depict what could happen when your tire pressure isn’t “optimal” (too much or too little): There are negative effects for both over-inflated and under-inflated tires.


Over-inflated tires will introduce impact ride quality, comfort, and uneven tire wear.  The shape of the tires inflate in a such a way that forces them to have less contact to the road on varies parts of the tire. It also another opens up greater risks for danger: braking potential is compromised; there isn’t enough traction being fully utilized when you hit the brakes. Under hard braking, your Hybrid won’t stop as much as it used to, and it could end up into a collision as a result.

Under-inflated tires imposes other dangerous risks as well: It creates an improper load on to the tires, while also forcing the tire to do more work than it needs to. By over-absorbing the road conditions, under-inflated tires take on too much stress and increases the chances of tire failure.

Fuel Economy

Low tire pressure diminishes fuel economy for one simple reason: there’s more friction between the ground and the tire, forcing your Hybrid’s engine to run harder and to get it moving. It’s unlikely (after including other variables) that fuel economy will degrade if it’s over-inflated, but again, you lower your margin of safety, and end up spending more dollars in the long run by not fully utilizing your tires.


In a perfect world, if everyone inflated their tires properly, all else equal,  the outcomes mentioned above becomes less likely. Everyone would change their tires less often, notice significant improvements on their fuel economy (with less C02 into the atmosphere), and the public roads would be that much more of a safer place. It sounds far fetched, but this just goes to show how much a little effort can go a long way.

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2012 Prius V – First Look

Review models of the new Prius V are starting to show up. Buyers looking for a small and fuel efficient SUV, crossover, or wagon will definitely want to check out what the Prius Five has to offer. (Source)

Be sure to check out our store periodically as we will start carrying new products for the Pruis V.

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Visit the rest of the photo gallery here.

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Improve Your Prius’s Value With A Center Console Cover

Even if you have just driven your new Toyota Prius off the lot, resale value should be on your mind. Unless you are one of a rare breed, you are going to sell that car sometime in the next ten years and you will want to get the most money possible when you do. Using a center console cover is an inexpensive way to protect an area of the interior that is susceptible to extreme wear and tear.

How many drivers lean one arm on the center console or put a drink there while they fumble for their keys? Now, how many times have you seen the console ripped, dirty, or ragged looking? A Toyota Prius center console cover will prevent most of that wear.

Center console covers are custom designed for your Toyota Prius and are easy to install. The wear that one will prevent will more than pay for itself when you sell or trade in your car.

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Toyota Prius Roof Racks: A Necessary Accessory

Most people think that Toyota Prius roof racks are only for the outdoor types that want to carry their mountain bikes from place to place. That is not the case today. Roof racks have many uses and have become a necessary accessory for your hybrid.

While roof racks are still widely used to carry bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment, they have become a way to expand the cargo capacity of smaller cars. The Toyota Prius is a fuel efficient car with plenty of room for everyday use, but can become cramped when you need to load enough luggage for an extended trip. Adding a roof rack can nearly double your car’s cargo capacity.

Toyota Prius roof racks have become a necessary accessory for the owners of these fuel efficient cars. The added carrying capacity and the comfort of not having your luggage practically in your lap will more than justify the expense.

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Prepare For Summer With A Prius Bike Rack

Summer is upon us. It was hard to think that it was coming with such a wet spring, but it has arrived. With it comes the urge to spend more time outdoors and hit the riding trails. You need to be prepared by adding a Prius bike rack to your car.

You have several options. Most Prius bike racks designed for the roof can carry two bikes at a time. A Prius hitch bike rack offers the opportunity to carry up to three and is easily removable when not in use. Which ever you choose, you will still have access to your trunk and hatch areas.

As the summer heats up you will be wanting to hit the trails either alone or with friends. A Prius bike rack is going to help you be prepared for the phone call that starts the riding season. Have fun!

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Increase MPG With Eco Tune Performance Parts

Some years ago most automakers switched to electric throttles in order to increase mpg. The throttle controller in most vehicles is set to maximize fuel economy, but leave some acceleration response. Eco tune performance parts are designed to increase the mpg your Prius offers beyond what the factory settings allow.

These eco tune performance parts are model specific for your Prius. They increase mpg by switching the acceleration aspect of the throttle controller to a more steady and less gas demanding rate. You will seem to lose some of the instantaneous throttle response that many have come to expect, but your fuel economy will improve.

The Toyota Prius is already the most fuel efficient gas powered car available. Installing eco tune performance parts will take your car one step further. Surely, you won’t complain about getting more than 50 mpg on the highway.

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