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Use WeatherTech To Protect

WeatherTech bug shield

That is a cheesy title, but accurate for sure. WeatherTech is the industry leader in many areas of plastic protection for your hybrid. Floor mats, bug shields, and sunroof wind deflectors are just a few.

There are other companies that offer the same products, so what sets WeatherTech apart? Each part they produce is designed specifically for your car. Their products are laser cut to fit a Toyota Prius, Honda CR-Z, or whatever car you drive. None of this sloppy fitting material that bunches up under your feet or having to drill extra holes because the product is generalized for several models.

Whether you want to protect your carpeting or paint, WeatherTech has a long lasting, custom fit product for you.

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Drop And Pop With Honda CR-Z Springs

Honda CR-Z springs

Many CR-Z owners look for ways to enhance the performance of their car. Honda CR-Z springs can be the last thing to cross their minds, when they should be the first.

Honda CR-Z springs offer a wide variety of benefits. From a stance viewpoint, they drop the car about an inch front and rear, giving that lowered look without having to worry about ride, performance, or handling. They can pop your speed on the track and in the 0-60 by reducing the aerodynamic drag on your vehicle. The lower drag also helps to increase fuel efficiency.

Honda CR-Z springs can be a great first step to tricking your ride. Once you have the stance lowered, you can look into reducing the weight with a carbon fiber hood, then move on to engine modification. There is a whole world of possibilities after the springs are replaced.

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Prius Spotlight

Caught some of these photos over at Speedhunters. If you love your Prius, and you’re  looking for some inspiration to customize it (interior or exterior wise), I think these pictures will do.

Interested? Juicedhybrid is the best place to start.

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Lose Weight And Add Performance With A Honda CR-Z Carbon Fiber Hood

Honda CR-Z carbon fiber hood

There are only so many modifications that you can make to your car’s engine without doing a complete build out. That leaves you looking at non-engine options like weight reduction. A Honda CR-Z carbon fiber hood offers the most obvious option.

A Honda CR-Z carbon fiber hood can reduce your car’s weight by as much as 30lbs(13.6 kg). That may not sound too amazing to the uninitiated, until you realize that losing that much weight can mean as much as half a second in 0-60 time.

There are several other ways to reduce the weight of you car, but the Honda CR-Z carbon fiber hood offers one of the greatest weight reductions in one area.

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Protect Your Investment With Custom Seat Covers

Custom seat covers

The front seats are the first part of any car that will show wear and tear. Sliding in or catching something in your pocket on a seam; it does not take much to start that first rip. Custom seat covers could be the best way that you can protect interior of your car.

By custom seat covers, we are not talking about your monogram or a personalized image. Custom seat covers are ones that are designed to fit you car. The manufacturers specs are used to fit each individual make and model to insure a tight fit that will enhance your interior.

Whether you trade in a car or try to sell it yourself, the buyer will look the interior over carefully. Every rip and hole will be noted and used to lower your price. You can prevent all of that aggravation by installing custom seat covers.

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Guarantee A Higher Trade In With 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Seat Covers

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Seat Covers

When you are looking at a used car one of the first things you notice about the interior is whether the seats are ripped or not. Dealers look at the same thing when they are assessing the trade-in value of a car. You could guarantee a higher trade-in value by using 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid seat covers.

It is easy to understand how a car seat can rip as you slide in or something catches on the seam. Covering your original seats with 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid seat covers will prevent most of the incidental tearing associated with normal wear and tear.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid seat covers can also add a bit of customization to your interior. Be sure to look for well made, high quality seat covers that are designed to the seat specifications of your Honda CR-Z and you will not have to deal with fit related issues.

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Protect Your Investment With A Prius Bumper Guard

2010&2011 Prius Bumper Guard

Loading and unloading packages, luggage, or just leaving your car in a parking lot while you shop can take a toll on the rear bumper of your Prius. Why let daily life take deal damage to your car when you can protect it with a Prius bumper guard?

This is not a replacement for your bumper, nor is it going to be some rough looking set of black strips that will alter the appearance of your car. A 2010&2011 Prius bumper guard is a clear applique with the Prius logo embedded on its surface. Bumper guards for other years look a little different, but all offer a quality look for your Prius.

Adding a Prius bumper guard will protect your painted bumper from everyday wear and tear while adding a little splash of style in an unexpected place. Doesn’t your car deserve it?

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Protect Your Car With 2010 & 2011 Prius Mud Guards

2010 Prius Mud Guards

One of the first places a car loses paint and starts to rust is the rear of the fender wells. That is easy to understand considering the amount of mud and gravel that gets thrown against them by the tires. The only thing that you can do is protect your car with 2010 & 2011 Prius Mud Guards.

You could stop at your local dealership to have a set installed, if you have too much money in the bank. If you want to protect your car and your wallet, you can buy 2010 & 2011 Prius mud guards on the internet. Take care to buy parts that are made specifically for the 2010-2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid and come with full instructions.

2010 & 2011 Prius mud guards will help protect the side of your Prius from rock chips, scratches, and unwanted debris, while also keeping it clean from mud, dust and tar. A little research will protect your wallet as well.

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Jazz It Up With A Pair Of Prius Fog Lights

Prius fog lights

Prius fog lights

Fog lights are not standard on a Prius. Most Prius owners realize that a pair of Prius fog lights can really set the front end apart. Going to the local dealer can cost you upwards of $400 for the pair, why pay that much?

You can buy a pair of Prius fog lights for about a $100 with a little bit of time spent on the internet. All you have to do is be sure the kit you purchase is complete and does not require modification of your bumper.

A little bit of research can save you as much as $300 on a pair of Prius fog lights. If you buy the right kit, you can install the fog lights yourself in about an hour. How often can you save $300 an hour?

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