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What To Look For In A Prius Fog Lamp Kit

2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius  fog lamps

For some reason Toyota did not think to offer a Prius fog lamp kit as an option until recently. If you buy a factory kit, it can cost $400. Buying a kit could be your best option, if you know what to look for.

The Prius fog lamp kit that is best for you should include the fog lights of course, but it should also come with all wiring, trim, and complete instructions. A kit missing a single one of these components is useless.

If you are careful, you can buy a Prius fog lamp kit at a decent price and still receive a great value. Look for complete kits and you should be satisfied with your new install.

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Finding The Right 2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius Fog Lights

2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius fog lights

Fog lights are a great way to change the look of your car. They offer an added safety feature by making your car more visible to other drivers. Why Toyota did not offer them as an option is beyond comprehension. If you do a little shopping around you can find the right 2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius fog lights without having to pay an arm and a leg.

You need an aftermarket kit that comes complete with instructions, all wiring needed, and trim in addition to the 2010 & 2011 Toyota Prius fog lights. Factory lights can cost you upwards of $400. Shopping around will lower that cost quite a bit.

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WeatherTech Versus Husky: The Best Prius Floor Mat

2010 Toyota Prius Floor Mat

2010 Toyota Prius Floor Liners

In the never ending quest for the best after-market floor customization two companies have been able to come to the forefront: WeatherTech and Husky. So, the question becomes which one offers the best Prius floor mat.

Both companies offer a durable all weather Prius floor mat, but that is where the comparison ends. WeatherTech takes over from there. These well designed mats feature an advanced surface that channels fluids and debris into a reservoir to help minimize fluid movement while driving and away from shoes and clothing. The drain at the bottom of the reservoir facilitates easy cleaning.

WeatherTech Prius floor mats offer a greater versatility and customization factor. Combined, those points are enough to make them the better product. Add affordability and you can see why they are the best Prius floor mat on the market.

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Prius Floor Liners: The Finishing Touch

Prius floor liner

WeatherTech all-weather Prius floor liner

Completely customizing your car will come down to the small details. One overlooked area of Prius customizations is often Prius floor liners.

Alright, maybe you are thinking; ‘Prius floor liners, who looks at those?’ Well, everybody does if you have the wrong ones. Your floor mats can stick out like a sore thumb if they are

dirty, don’t match the interior, or will not stay in place.

Prius floor liners are often an overlooked detail. Floor mats are only noticed if they are exceptional or exceptionally mismatched and dirty. Which one would you like the interior of your car to be known for?

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The Fun of Driving

You’ve made a commitment: You bought a 2010-2011 Toyota Prius because you wanted to make a difference and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. You also probably noticed gas prices at $4 a gallon is pretty rough, so you’ve turned your Prius into a long-term investment to offset the cost of gas prices in the future; but then you might be thinking, what’s the catch? Does being green suggest you have to give up car performance, looks, and just the overall fun of driving?

Absolutely not!

At Juicedhybrid, we’re committed to providing what’s really cool for the Prius and hybrid community. Prius Body Kits and Wheels, such as these designs by Five Axis, lives up to this impression:

(Click the images to enlarge them)

For more information about this Five Axis Body Kit and our other designs, visit these links:

Five Axis Body Kit

Other Body Kits

Prius Wheels

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Protect Your Interior With Prius Floor Mats

How many cars have you gotten into, looked at the carpet, and wondered how someone could let such a mess happen to their new car? The best way to prevent a dirty appearance is to install all weather Prius floor mats.

A durable set of Prius floor mats will channel water, dirt, and debris away from the pedal area of your car and into an easy to drain and clean catch basin. All you have to do is remove the floor mats, drain them, and spray them off at your convenience.

Prius floor mats can help you maintain the value and appearance of your new car. The variety of colors will match any interior while providing sturdy construction. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment in every way possible?

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Prius Floor liners Help Maintain Resale Value

One aspect of resale value is the overall appearance of the car. The interior is more important to many buyers since that is where they will spend the majority of their time. One way to maintain the carpeting of your hybrid is to install all weather Prius floor liners.

All weather Prius floor liners offer solid construction and convenience. The design of the liners will channel water, dirt, and other debris away from the pedals and confines it to a small basin area. This basin can be quickly drained anywhere or the liner can be removed and hosed down.

Prius floor liners offer you the ability to maintain a higher resale value for your hybrid. You may not be thinking about that at this time, but who can predict when you might want to upgrade to a newer car. Maintaining the integrity of your car from day one will help you keep the payments on future vehicles as low as possible by retaining the value of your current model.

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