Ford Fusion VS. Toyota Camry – And the Winner is…..

January 8, 2010

Car and Driver recently held a competition between various hybrid makes and models, which calculated scores in numerous categories. These included (but weren’t limited to) driver and passenger comfort, trunk space, fuel economy, steering feel, and styling. While the competition proved to be close, Ford Fusion ultimately beat the Toyota Camry and other hybrid competitors. The results were so close, in fact, that mere opinions could have altered the ultimate result. It is for this reason that I will present some of those opinions and help you to make your own decision.

If you are looking for a smooth and effortless drive, the Camry is a great place to start. This hybrid is quiet and unrushed. The interior is comfortably spacious, and the ride is soft and easy. This car will surely get you where you want to go with nothing but ease and comfort, and you will feel as though you are slipping through the mainstream cars quietly and unnoticed. The Camry also has many upgrades for the 2010 model including six speeds instead of five, a restyled grille and tail lights as well as optional satellite radio and automatic windows.

Driving the Fusion, however, if often compared to playing a video game. It is known for being a fun and informative hybrid, as well as for having the ability to drive on solely the battery when moving at or under 47 miles an hour. The Fusion has incomparable features and amenities, as well as top of the line fuel economy stats. It is a powerful hybrid with many bonus quirks and settings. Upgrades to the 2010 Fusion will include an improved chrome grill as well as a more powerful engine and a quieter cabin.

Of course, our store is already loaded with accessories and necessities for both of these hybrids. We offer all weather floor liners to cargo mats and side window deflectors. But, you should probably pick out a car before you go shopping and accessorizing for it, right? So, which car is better for you? I would recommend test-driving both of them (in order to help make a better decision, only, of course).

Car and Driver Contest Results

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