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Hollywood Rack Commuter Prius Bike Rack

Prius owners are generally known for two things: love of the environment and love of the outdoors. And it stands to reason, you love one, you’re going to love the other. A lot of our customers are avid cyclists, and ride wherever and whenever they can.

The Commuter two-bike hitch rack is made to carry, well, two bikes on the back of your Prius, without scarring or scratching the finish of the car (or the bikes). Soft rubber cradles protect your bike, while the “no wobble” hitch pin keeps the rack from swaying. The rack fits both 1.25″ and 2″ hitches.

You can tilt the rack out of the way to get into the truck, and the arms fold up when they’re not in use, which will save you from taking it off and putting it on any time you need to haul your bikes around.

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WeatherTech Cargo Liner Mat (Prius 2004-2009)

The WeatherTech® Cargo Liner is computer designed specifically to fit in your trunk or cargo space, offering your trunk carpet total protection from wear and tear, spills, dirt, and grease. They’re made from a proprietary blend of thermopolyolefin (we just call it TPO, and everyone pretends to know how to pronounce the actual word), so they’re wear resistant and will remain flexible in high and low temperatures. It’s great for hauling anything that might get your car dirty, whether it’s gardening supplies, construction materials, or the family pet. When it gets too dirty, just pull it out, hose it off, let it dry in the sun, and stick it back in. Keep your car looking clean and new, and avoid dirt and grime getting embedded into your trunk carpet.

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Mudguards – Splash Guards Set of 4 (Prius 2004-2009) Toyota OEM

If it wasn’t for mudguards, the sides of our Priuses (or is that Prii?) would look like they’d been shot up with a machine gun. These high-impact plastic guards will protect the sides of your car from rock chips, dings, gouges, mud, tar, and zombie guts. (Okay, maybe not zombie guts. But if that’s a concern for you, then these mud guards are the least of your worries.)

The Toyota Prius Mudguards are made by Toyota for the Prius, so they fit the profile and wheel size, and they just add to the overall appearance of the car. They’re great looking, functional, and easy to install.

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Juiced Hybrid’s Prius Chassis Stiffener Kit (Fits 2004 to 2009)

The chassis stiffener eliminates chassis flex on your Prius, which will ensure you’ve got correct suspension geometry at all times. Sometimes your Prius might feel a little unstable —yes, even the Prius — on the freeway during high winds or when you’re being passed by another car. In fact, the Prius Uni-Body tends to flex under many different driving conditions.

But if you bolt the chassis stiffener directly to the sub frame (or better yet, have a trained professional do it), your car will feel more stable and solid, and it will turn in more accurately, and corner more quickly, and make you make little “vroom vroom” noises whenever you’re alone.

The chassis stiffener is available in Juiced Hybrid Green, and comes with high-grade fasteners and installation instructions.

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Prius Side Window Deflectors (2004-2009 Prius)

Side window deflectors are great for cars if you want to drive with the windows cracked a bit, or if you want to park but leave them open a bit to reduce the interior heat. The window deflectors will reduce wind noise while you’re driving, and will even help keep water out if an unexpected rain hits.

These side window deflectors are created to look like they were made for your Prius. They’re made in Germany from the finest 3mm acrylic material available. Lightly tinted to provide some sun protection, these can easily be installed without any exterior tape. They come in a set of four, so you can do your entire car with one simple order.

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The NavCap (2004-2009 Prius)

No matter which direction you drive, you’ve got a 1 in 4 chance of getting a nasty screen glare on your navigation screen. If the sun is at your back, or streaming in from over your left shoulder, you won’t be able to see important information, like how fast you were going. And let’s face it, the cops aren’t going to buy that as an excuse anyway.

You can reduce the glare on your navigation screen and even improve the look of your Prius with the high-quality Sun Visor Hood/NavCap. The hood is temperature textured and molded out of 1/8 inch ABS plastic. The underneath side is lined with a soft light proof material, and attaches with a heat resistant Velcro material, which can withstand high temperatures in your car.

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Custom-Made Shark Fin Antenna (Prius 2004-2010)

Long antennas do two things: They bring in the radio signal, and they get broken. Those are their only two functions in life. And once they do the second thing, they no longer do the first thing. But you can eliminate that problem with the Shark Fin Antenna. This automotive dorsal fin has a built-in antenna that screws directly into your antenna base, fits over the top of the base, and uses a 3M custom adhesive gasket to seal the whole thing up tight. It’s custom painted and clear coated to match the OEM paint code of your car, which means it blends in with your existing paint job. So now, you’re styling, AND you’re aerodynamic. Best of all, it still has great AM/FM radio reception, so you’re not sacrificing function for form.

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Heatshield by Canvasworks: Custom Windshield Visor

There’s nothing worse than climbing into your car on a hot summer day and grabbing an even hotter steering wheel. It’s like grabbing a hot skillet. Once your screams have subsided and you’re able to gingerly hold the steering again, you swear to yourself you’re going to do something about this. Now you can, with the Toyota Prius custom-fit HeatShield Sun Visor.

This windshield reflector is custom designed to fit all Hybrid models, and will keep the interior of your Prius as much as 40 degrees cooler. This means you can also protect your dashboard, console, and upholstery from sun damage, which will ruin the value of your car over time.

You can get the HeatShield visor for your side and rear windows, as well as your front window.

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Prius Rear Bumper Protector

You’ve seen them before, the scratches, the dings, the scrapes on your painted rear bumper that come from dragging cargo in and out of the trunk. Try as you might, something always slips, and it’s usually the bag of broken glass, the jagged concrete blocks, or your mother-in-law’s luggage that caused the damage. The Toyota Prius Bumper Protector makes those gouges and scratches nothing more than a memory — a horrible, painful memory that wakes you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, but still just a memory.

This hard black plastic bumper protector uses adhesive strips to stick to your bumper and follow its contours perfectly, keeping your car’s bumper clean and pristine. Sorry, the Toyota Prius Bumper Protector does not protect against mother-in-laws.


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Replacement Mats for Toyota Prius All Weather Mats

On Tuesday Toyota issued a safety advisory on all weather mats for the 2004-2009 Prius. Toyota said it will recall some 3.8 million vehicles, including the Toyota Prius. They stated there is a risk factor these floor mats could keep the accelerator pedal forced down. They also recently included the 2010 Prius in this advisory and have stopped selling all weather mats for these cars.

This creates an urgent need for replacement mat for the Prius All Weather Mats and we are recommending the following solutions:

2004 – 2009 Prius Weathertech Floor Liner

One of the best solutions is the WeatherTech floor liners. These floor mats accurately and completely line the interior carpet of a Prius giving absolute interior protection.  An advanced surfacing creates channels that carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir with further channeling to help minimize fluid movement while driving. They also come in 3 color choices to match your vehicles interior. These are your best protection.

Exact Mats for 2004-2009 and 2010 Prius

Another good solution is from Exact Mats. These are vinyl that is the clearest in the industry and uses 100% Clear Vinyl.  They use a high-tech cutting process allowing replication of the exact factory specified dimensions for the Prius. They are currently also the only manufacturer who has a replacement all weather mat for the 2010 Prius. Great product !

Currently you can find these products in stock and ready to ship from

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