2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

August 1, 2009


Ford has delivered a quality and fuel efficient midsize car with the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The pricing can can vary depending on what model and trim level you prefer. The automobile is powered by the combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gas engine, electric motor and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Moreover, the 2010 Fusion electric motor delivers more crank than you get from some of the gas engines in most small vehicles. It features several new technologies include advanced regenerative braking that recovers up to 94 percent of the energy lost during braking. This energy is then used to help recharge the battery.

Consumer Buying Advice and Tips

Here’s a word on advice when choosing the right car for the best price. First, if you just need a new Fusion vehicle without all the extra options and larger engine, make that your permanent decision before visiting your local Ford dealer. The sales people will try and sell you a model that includes all the extra components. Keep in mind there is an entire aftermarket accessory industry with items at very competitive prices. You can easily find all weather mats; tow receiver hitches, iPod integration, cargo mats and much more. Buying online a can save you hundreds of dollars,

Optimal Fuel Economy

The vehicle can operate up to 47 mph in the pure electric mode. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles. Ford recently drove the Fusion for more than 1,400 miles on one tank of gas while using driving techniques to conserve fuel.

Most drivers who own the new Ford Hybrid are reporting mpg ratings of 50 to 60 miles per gallon. One of the technologies used in the car is the fuel economy monitor that coaches the driver on fuel saving techniques. Some of them include slower acceleration and slow-coasting braking.

If you are in the market to buy a new automobile, chances are you’re not looking to buy a sports car. You can easily go from a price of $27,270 to over and beyond $30,000 if you let the sales person talk you into it. The 2010 Ford Fusion does get a $1,700 hybrid tax credit if you make your purchase before September 30th.


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