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Prius Side Molding Installation

Are you sick and tired of scratches and door dings? Help protect your Prius with colored body side moldings.

Side MoldingsThey are made from PVC and extruded through quality engineered dies.  The set is color-keyed and clear coated to match your Prius perfectly. They are easy to install in less than an hour.

Here are the instructions and measurements are included with every set of moldings.

1.         LOCATION:  (See Images Below)

Using masking tape, run the tape as seen in Diagram below from POINT A to POINT B.  Press tape against the vehicle, making sure that the tape is straight from POINT A to POINT B.

2.         CLEAN AND PREP:

For proper installation of Custom Body Side Molding, clean the surface where the molding is to be installed using the alcohol pads enclosed.  Wipe off excess residue with a clean cloth.  Apply PRO-BOND ADHESIVE PROMOTOR in the crush swab self-applicator.  Squeeze the applicator until you feel the applicator “crush”.  The applicator will become wet on the end and is ready for use.  Quickly apply a thin coat of PRO-BOND below the masking tape line, no further than 1 ¼” below the tape.  Be careful not to go lower than 1 ¼” because PRO-BOND could dull the paint surface.  The light coat of PRO-BOND will dry quickly.  Where cooler temperatures prevail, make sure the molding is at room temperature.  The recommended metal surface temperature of the vehicle should be at least 75°F/24°C for proper installation.  If the surface is cold, use a heat gun to warm before proceeding with installation.

3.         INSTALLATION:

BEFORE STARTING, peel back 12” of the red liner, removing the rest of the liner as you install.  DO NOT TOUCH THE EXPOSED ADHESIVE with your fingers as the installation is being done (NOTE: excess skin oil will affect adhesion).

Since these moldings have been pre-cut, start adhering moldings, front and rear with the angle cut edges first and the bullet side directed toward the appropriate wheel well adhered last.

APPLYING THE MOLDING using the bottom edge of the masking tape as your guide, peel the rest of the red liner as you go.

AFTER THE MOLDING has been installed, use a soft cloth and apply pressure along the entire length of the molding to insure proper adhesion.  Remove masking tape and you will have an OEM style Custom Body Side Molding that will give you many years of protection.

Prius Body Side Molding 1

Prius Body Side Molding 2

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Using Prius Accessories to Preserve Your Car

Incidents that slowly (but surely) deteriorate the beauty and value of your Toyota Prius happen often, and without warning. However, the spills, shoe marks, pen marks, door dings, and paint scratches that seem to somehow arrive each day can be prevented. These things happen to everyone, and there are ways to eliminate the damage they can generate. In fact, some of our best-selling items were created specifically to attend to these issues.

To start the voyage in protecting your Prius, buy some Body Side Moldings.  These door guards are made from heavy-duty PVC, and are formed specifically to fit your year Prius. That way, when the person in the parking space next to you swings their door open without realizing that you and you car are both right there, it won’t be a problem. Ding shming! It won’t even faze you (or your Prius). The moldings are painted to match your exact paint color, and yes, we offer all of them.

Toyota Prius Body Side MoldingsAnother item that you will need ASAP is a custom fit bumper protector. Our bumper guards are Original Toyota Equipment (OEM), and are truly made with the finest quality plastic available. They are simple to install and work great when protecting against heavy items that might damage your bumper when getting pulled in or out of your cargo area.

Bumper Protector for Toyota Prius

Prius All weather floor mats are the most logical way to keep the interior of your car brand new. Take out the factory mats that came with your Prius, and replace them with some rubber ones. All weather mats are designed with deep grooves that contain spills in order to prevent them from damaging your interior. Also, because they are made of heavy-duty rubber, if they ever need to be cleaned you can simply hose them off.

There are several more Prius accessories such as heat shields, window deflectors, hood masks, and cargo liners that we sell volumes of each day to people seeking to preserve their hybrid. Much time, thought, and creativity went into designing each and every product we sell, and there are numerous products available for your every need.

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Shark Fin Antenna For Prius or Any Car

Picture-013Have you ever wanted to get rid of that long horse-whip antenna on top of your roof? Tired of having a stubby antenna like everyone else and having to sacrifice reception

The Shark Fin Antenna creates a unique shape that is stylish and aerodynamic, but also in improves radio reception. They look great on a Prius or just about any car!

Utilizing fractal antenna technology it is a functional antenna that fits inside the shark fin and retains radio reception within all acceptable ranges. A fractal antenna is created using fractal geometry (repetition of a simple shape to form a repeating pattern) and has reception that rivals antenna designs 50% to 150% larger in size.  Shark Fin Antennas perform consistently better than any stubby antenna fitted on the same car.

Below are the simple instructions to install your antenna:

03Remove the existing antenna. Then wipe your car around the antenna-base area with rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl). If your car is waxed, clean the area with 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner or 3M™ Prep Solvent 70. As an alternative, you may also use a few drops of Dawn (liquid dish soap). Wipe the area again with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Make sure there is no dirt, dust or any left over residue from your wash materials.

05Place the VG Shark Fin Antenna over top of antenna base and visually align to where you want it to be; making sure that the gasket will not be touching any part of the antenna base. Take a piece of masking tape and place it immediately in front of shark fin (aligning forwards-backwards).

08Take two pieces of masking tape and while making sure the shark fin is still aligned, place a piece of tape immediately left of the shark fin. Place the other piece of tape immediately right of the shark fin (aligning left-right).

11Using the appropriate size mounting screw provided, mount the coiled cord to the rear-roof antenna base. Make sure the barrel of the ring connector (cylindrical part) is pointing downward. If the roof of your car is not at room temperature, take the hair dryer and heat up the roof around antenna base (the adhesive bonds properly at the right temperature). Make sure to move the hair dryer around and not stay in one spot so you do not damage your paint.

18When the roof is about room temperature, slowly and carefully peel away a portion of the backing paper from the front end (make sure not to damage the adhesive foam gasket). Warning: The adhesive is very sticky! Make sure the adhesive touches the roof only when ready to do so.

25Visually align the Shark Fin Antenna to the piece of masking tape in the front. Then visually align shark fin between the two sides pieces of masking tape (do not press down yet). We recommend having another person checking the alignment for you from the back. When you have double checked that you are aligned, press the front of the shark fin down and hold firmly for 1 minute (the adhesive is pressure sensitive).

26Make sure the VG Shark Fin Antenna is still aligned, then press the rear of the antenna down and hold firmly for 1 minute. Remove masking tape.

Installation completed! Congratulations!

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Hybrid Hot Rods Inspire New Breed Of Gearheads

From Autopia:

A growing number of Steve McGreens are souping up their gas-electric hybrids to make them go faster and handle better, while delivering stellar fuel economy. It isn’t just gearheads busting their knuckles, either. A lot of the hybrid hackers are tech geeks whose innovations may well appear in the cars we’ll buy tomorrow.

“The gearhead of today has evolved. People today want performance and fuel economy,” Paul Goldman, the 46-year-old CEO of the hot-rod hybrid shop Juiced Hybrid, tells He sells more than 500 items ranging from suspension kits and chassis stiffeners to body kits and floor mats. Most of his customers are “educated people who care about the environment” and modify their cars “because they’re tech savvy, not necessarily because they’re car savvy.”

Read the whole story at Autopia.

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2010 Prius Accessories Now Available

With the introduction of the new 2010 Prius we are seeing many new accessories becoming available. Here is a top list of the most popular accessories for your new 2010 Prius.

Cargo Liner Mats 2010 Prius Cargo Mat

Specifically designed to fit your vehicle, keeps dirt and grease off your vehicle’s interior, and protects your carpet from normal wear and tear. This liner is not only wear resistant, but also remains flexible under temperature extremes, and features a textured finish which helps to keep cargo from shifting. It is perfect for hauling just about anything from gardening supplies to construction materials or the family pet. Made by Weathertech.

Heat Shields

2010 Prius Heat ShieldThis is custom designed for the 2010 Prius by Canvasworks and is an exact fit.  It fits snugly and precisely and is easy to use. The Heat Shield will keep the interior of your automobile cooler which protects the interior and certainly makes it more comfortable to enter your car on hot summer days.

Rear Bumper Protector

2010 rear bumper protectorOne of the top items for the 2nd generation Prius is now available for the 2010 Prius. Loading and unloading cargo can take a toll on a painted bumper. Help protect your bumper from scratches with an anti-skid Rear Bumper Protector. Factory Original Toyota Part imported from out of the US.

All Weather Mats

2010 Prius All Weather MatsProtect your car’s carpet and keep it clean. Trap water, road salt, mud and sand in the deeply sculpted channels of these all-weather floor mats. These car mats won’t curl, crack or harden in sub-zero weather. The anti-skid ridges prevent shifting in your vehicle. The protective, non-stick finish makes cleanup quick and easy. Factory Original Toyota Parts (OEM). This is a set of 4 mats for front and rear seats.

Shark Fin Antenna

2010 Prius SHARKFIN antennaHave you ever wanted to get rid of that long horse-whip antenna on top of your roof? The Shark Fin Antenna has a built in antenna that screws directly into your antenna base, fits over the top of the whole antenna base and is easily installed onto your car via a 3M custom adhesive gasket in a matter of minute. It looks great and helps your radio reception too.Body

Side Moldings

2010 Prius Body Side MoldingAre you sick and tired of scratches and door dings? Help protect your Prius with these colored side moldings. Made from PVC and extruded through quality engineered dies. These moldings are backed with 3M adhesive tape. Color-keyed and clear coated to match your Prius perfectly. Instructions and measurements are included with every set of moldings.

If you would like to look at the full array of items for the 2010 Prius please go to

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Thule Bike Rack – The 912 Model

Thule 912-2High quality performance that is easy to use is the main feature of the Thule 912 Roadway 2-Bike Hitch mount rack.  And since this rack is made to carry two bikes at the same time, this product has been made to give you a convenient and secure bike holder. The Thule rack is easily mounted to a receiver hitch on any Hybrid Car or truck.

What is revolutionary about the Thule Roadway is that it uses the Stinger Swinger technology, also made by Thule to change its length from a 2-inch to 1.25 receiver right from taking it out of the box.  It also has a hitch switch which is a dual quick-release lever and foldable arms for safe keeping.  It also has T3 cradles that can lock the bikes in place but can still be adjusted to its arms.  This lightweight product at 33.5 pounds can carry more than twice its weight, and can be used with Thule STL2 hitch lock and 538 cables that can be bought separately for the best bike security.

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid


Ford has delivered a quality and fuel efficient midsize car with the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The pricing can can vary depending on what model and trim level you prefer. The automobile is powered by the combination of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gas engine, electric motor and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Moreover, the 2010 Fusion electric motor delivers more crank than you get from some of the gas engines in most small vehicles. It features several new technologies include advanced regenerative braking that recovers up to 94 percent of the energy lost during braking. This energy is then used to help recharge the battery.

Consumer Buying Advice and Tips

Here’s a word on advice when choosing the right car for the best price. First, if you just need a new Fusion vehicle without all the extra options and larger engine, make that your permanent decision before visiting your local Ford dealer. The sales people will try and sell you a model that includes all the extra components. Keep in mind there is an entire aftermarket accessory industry with items at very competitive prices. You can easily find all weather mats; tow receiver hitches, iPod integration, cargo mats and much more. Buying online a can save you hundreds of dollars,

Optimal Fuel Economy

The vehicle can operate up to 47 mph in the pure electric mode. Plus, the city driving range on a single tank of gas is expected to be more than 700 miles. Ford recently drove the Fusion for more than 1,400 miles on one tank of gas while using driving techniques to conserve fuel.

Most drivers who own the new Ford Hybrid are reporting mpg ratings of 50 to 60 miles per gallon. One of the technologies used in the car is the fuel economy monitor that coaches the driver on fuel saving techniques. Some of them include slower acceleration and slow-coasting braking.

If you are in the market to buy a new automobile, chances are you’re not looking to buy a sports car. You can easily go from a price of $27,270 to over and beyond $30,000 if you let the sales person talk you into it. The 2010 Ford Fusion does get a $1,700 hybrid tax credit if you make your purchase before September 30th.

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