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The Hybrid Habit

Addiction has many different definitions, yet all state that it is a state in which the body depends on a substance for normal functioning.

This morning, I took a phone order for a man who has four previous orders with Juiced Hybrid already, and thousands of dollars invested in our products as well. The minute he started speaking I recognized his voice-friendly fellow. Soon enough, we began conversing on the bittersweet addiction that revolves around hybrid cars. He said that each time he buys an accessory and installs it; he cannot help but come back for more. It started with small things; evmodes, floor mats and heat shields. Now, he is on to bigger, bolder things like hitches, bike racks, and suspension kits. With every purchase, it is as though his appetite is more and more satisfied; yet ceasing to be filled.

As or conversation got lost in the world of hybrid parts and accessories, I realized that we were not alone-many people have made their hybrid an important part of their lives, and devoted much attention to it. There are many proud addicts out there, some might just be nervous to admit it. Some of these people have placed multiple orders, and occasionally even order the same product twice, “to give one to a friend”.

There is a sense of happiness, though, which comes through this addiction, and it is threefold. First, our cars are becoming more personalized and custom to our wants and needs with each product we acquire. Who wouldn’t want their commute, road trip, or errand-running-adventures to be just a tad more enjoyable? Secondly, feeling as though we are part of a large, and important, global community creates a sense of pride and culture among the hybrid owners. Surely, there are many of us who Proceed to Checkout and have no need to log in-as we are already members: what a great sensation! Lastly, endless excitement brings a contagious feeling of happiness. Being constantly excited to install and improve will put a smile on anyone’s face. Just entering into, and seeing all of the new products is enough to make a hybrid owner’s heart race.

Parts and accessories ranging from things like decals, to bumper protectors, electronic gadgets, and even body kits are hard to ignore when staring at you through the computer screen. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about your addiction to hybrids (and everything revolving around them)..we all have that same craze! Just jump on the bandwagon and join the party!


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2010 Prius and 2010 Insight. My 2 Cents

Choice is always good news for consumers.
Honda and Toyota have staked out different territories and some might say this is a battle. I say it is great for Hybrid consumers. Competition is good!

Both cars use small, four-cylinder gasoline engines and electric motors. The Insight has an 88-horsepower, 1.3-liter engine and a 13-hp electric motor, for a total of 98 hp.

The Prius has a larger 98-horsepower, 1.8-liter engine and an 80-hp electric motor for a combined 134 hp, which Toyota says is a 24-hp improvement over the previous generation. Clearly more engine and power. The larger engine has more torque and generates more power at lower RPMs. This lowers emissions and gives you better fuel economy.

While both can run on electric power alone while cruising, the Prius can start and accelerate in electric-only mode. This is very similar to the technology from Our EVMode feature has been offered for the Second Generation Prius. This option allows you to drive at low speeds for about a mile or so.

The 2010 Insight is definitely the cheapest hybrid on the market and will certainly be an attractive purchase option for many looking to enter the Hybrid Market. It now makes financial sense for consumers at fewer than $ 20,000 dollars. The all-new 2010 Prius will have four different standard equipment packages starting at about $22,000 dollars. The looks are not all that different. Honda may say the Insight’s exterior combines design cues from the original Insight model. But it really looks like the Prius.

The third-generation Prius may lack the price advantage, but it leads the market when it comes to fuel economy. The 2010 Prius has a 50 mpg combined rating while the Insight is rated at a 41 mpg combined. A big advantage. Go Prius!

When I sat in the Prius I noted it had much more cargo and rear seat capacity than the Insight. Not a huge difference, but it was noticeable.

Both cars are winners here and either is a good choice for buyers.


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Our Blog Is Here

We finally have a blog. So customers or anyone out there is welcome to join us. We are interested in hearing about your Hybrid car or truck.  Please tell us about what Prius Accessories or Hybrid Car parts to have used or would be interested in.

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